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        The best online training I have ever attended!

        香川The FMVA Certification is awesome, realistic and very practical.香川 I’ve gained a new professional knowledge that I’m sure will help me professionally. I recommend this certification for every Finance/Accounting professional.
        Trusted by employees at prominent institutions…
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        Choose Your Path With Our Financial Analyst Certifications
        FMVA Skills Diagram - Financial Modeling Excel Valuation Budgeting and Forecasting


        Financial Modeling 25%
        Finance 23%
        Excel 17%
        Valuation 10%
        Budgeting & Forecasting 8%
        Presentation & Visuals 8%
        Accounting 5%
        Strategy 4%
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        CBCA skills diagram - Credit Evaluation Risk Management Industry Analysis


        Financial Analysis 39%
        Credit Evaluation &? Documentation 26%
        Management & Business Analysis 16%
        Risk Management 12%
        Industry Analysis 7%
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        Advance Your Financial Analyst Career
        We have Instructors with 21+ Years of Financial Analyst Training Experience.
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        Corporate Finance Institute? (CFI) is the leading provider of online financial analyst certification programs. Our courses and programs have been delivered to hundreds of thousands of students from over 170 countries. CFI's financial modeling courses and financial analyst certification programs are delivered by instructors with years of experience training industry-leading global companies.

        Our training will give you the practical skills, templates, and tools to advance your career and stand above the competition.

        CFI Meeting of Senior Business Executives


        Our online financial analyst certification programs are designed to give you a competitive edge. You can earn your financial analyst certification in as little as six months from anywhere in the world.

        Access the world's leading financial modeling and analysis instructors and learn the skills you need to become a world-class financial analyst – without investing years of time and thousands of dollars.

        Obtain skills in financial modeling, financial analysis, credit analysis, business intelligence, machine learning, and sales and trading that will set you apart from your peers.

        CFI Finance and Credit Certifications


        Our students work at some of the most recognized and prestigious companies in the world. CFI works with some of these institutions directly to train their employees with industry-leading best practices and skills.

        With our financial analyst certification programs, you set yourself up for career success in months instead of years. The majority of our students earn over $100,000 per year. Learn the skills that employers are looking for and advance your career today.

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        Prestigious Credential
        Great online learning portable with easy enticing interface to learn, and great knowledge and skill delivery through all courses, definitely value for your money and achievement of the most prestigious credential being FMVA
        Strongly recommend to everyone who…
        Strongly recommend to everyone who wants to receive new careers opportunities and enhance their knowledge in finance. CFI FMVA is perfect opportunity for everyone to obtain neccessary and strong background in financial modeling and valuation of companies. CFI helped me a lot with providing a financial aid and now my profile as a finance specialist is much more attractive and I receive additional confidence in my valuation skills. Thanks to everybody in the CFI team for creating such brilliant courses.
        What an amazing experience
        It was an amazing experience studying this Program. After working in the financial sector and studying many finance courses in the classroom at the University Level I was still not confident with my skills and Capabilities. CFI Certification Program brought me to the Finance world . Finance is not just about sitting in the classroom but putting it into practice . My Excel and financial analysis skills have improved tremendously especially when it comes to building scenarios, powerpoint, charts, and graphs. Above all, it is a lifetime access program for continuous learning and personal development
        Excellent courses, well worthy of all my input
        Before starting the CFI courses, I have zero financial background, but I know I love mathematics, I believe in my reasoning and analytical skills. So I went forward to take all the fundamental courses before start those required and elective courses. It took me one year to finish all these courses and get the CMVA certificate. These courses are very well designed, structured, very practical, very informative, distinct and pertinent, perfectly meet my needs. Brilliant work, thanks a lot CFI!
        It's worth every cent
        CFI's FMVA program equipped me with real-world financial modeling skills which helped me land my first job as an Investment Analyst. Thanks a bunch guy for being awesome!
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        Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Certificate